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MHR – your partner for efficient team development and leadership development. With us you are always on the right course.

Whether managers, teams or personnel – each of us has a lot of room for improvement when it comes to our own performance, group performance or acting in crisis situations. A sleeping potential, as powerful as it may be, is unfortunately of little use if it never emerged. In order to really step on the gas in day-to-day work, it is therefore very important to identify your own power and be able to use it consistently.

If you recognize your own possibilities and continuously develop your skills, it will be easier for you to mobilize your inner strength, make the right decisions quickly and successfully master challenges. If you want to get the best out of your company, you should therefore consider leadership training courses or seminars for executives to help your team achieve higher levels of performance through special techniques.

If you rely on leadership training from MHR, you are guaranteed not to be wrong. Because our crew consists of real masters of their craft, to whom you can fully entrust the personnel development in your company. We accompany you and your team on the way to success competently and practically. With us this route will be shorter!

Leadership workshops - proven methods that will help you accelerate.

In-depth knowledge of psychology, crisis management and team development as well as our own know-how form the basis of the seminar programs that MHR offers for companies and people who want to develop their leadership skills.

We have further developed the ideas from aviation and emergency medicine and successfully implemented them in our leadership training. The interplay of theory and practice results in a unique method that effectively supports you in achieving better results in your work and leadership. It doesn’t matter which area you are in – our approach is ideal for all industries and professions.

What We Offer

We have prepared information on basic theories of leadership, decision-making, responsibility, proactivity, self-organization, effective communication, and teamwork. You will learn about all of the above from our leadership training courses aimed to develop leadership competencies. Participants will have the opportunity to balance decision-making, stress and mind clarity management, focusing and attention management, improve their skills, and learn to use them effectively

Human Factors Make the Difference

Psychological, cognitive, and interpersonal human factors significantly influence our decisions. If these skills are systematically trained and developed, it leads to better work results, security, and success. Thus, we have developed leadership training programs for emergency room teams, fire departments, aviation crews, and successful business teams.

Crew Resource Management

In our leadership training program, we use the CRM approach developed for aviation that goes far beyond regular teamwork. Thus, helpful training scenarios are defined, developed, and trained using clearly defined behavioral characteristics.

Team Resource Management

During leadership training seminars, we examine behavior patterns and learn how to consistently improve team performance and make the employees work in a coherent and coordinated way.

Crisis Resource Management

We'll find out behavioral patterns that can only be called up in emergency, crisis, exceptional situations and learn how to cope with problems easily.

Crisis Management

In our Crisis Management Workshops you learn to stop relying only on crisis checklists and forgetting the essential information. Moreover, you will be familiar with the crucial steps to cope with the crisis successfully.

Leadership Trainings for Managers

With our courses' help, you'll get strategic thinking and leadership inclinations, the ability to build relationships in a team, present yourself and communicate, adjust, and react to changes and problems as well.

Safety Management

Leadership has proven to be most effective in improving an organization's security as leaders impact the system and the climate within the organization, the level of risk, and the degree of exposure to these risks. We'll teach you the approach combining quality, risk, and safety management.

Agile Leadership

The dynamic and complex current tasks require an agile approach, as merely copying traditional techniques is no longer enough. Thus, we offer you not only to hone your technical skills but also actively develop flexible ones.

Virtual Leadership

Learn how to lead teams that are spatially separated and usually not hierarchically subordinate. The Mission commander takes over responsibilities and coordinates projects doing thus not necessarily in the vanguard.


Stay resilient under any circumstances. After our leadership training courses, you'll begin to come out of the crisis with new confidence and self-awareness.


Our approach is 
long term oriented.

Learn from our experienced IATA, LBA, BAZL certified trainers, striving for the best results.

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